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Not if, when.

It is not a matter of “if” you will need to replace your leader, it is “when.” Having a succession plan in place is not just a good idea, it is the responsible thing to do.

BEATTY works with CEOs and boards to identify potential leaders within your company and initiates coaching that will prepare them for expanding roles and responsibilities.

Create your succession plan today.

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CEO Succession Planning

Leadership for the future.

CEO succession planning is a board responsibility. The transition from one CEO to another is a pivotal moment for any company. CEO departures can be planned or unanticipated. In either case, a succession strategy is needed to provide for a seamless transition, one that maintains the integrity and confidence of the investors, employees and customers.

When critical decisions need to be made selecting the top CEO succession candidate, BEATTY can help you design and execute a best-in-class CEO transition. Companies have come to rely upon us as their invaluable partner in optimizing the probability for making the best decision.

Our multi-method approach to assessing top level talent is both comprehensive and predictive of success.

Our succession planning process:

Scoping of Business: Current and Desired State
Development of Position Specification and Behavioral Competencies
Leadership Assessment of Potential Candidate(s)
Collection and Aggregation of All Data
Presentation to Board
On-Boarding/Acclimation Coaching of Successful Candidate

Optimize your leadership.

Providing your leaders with the insight and skills they need to unleash their potential is the first step toward moving your organization forward. Let BEATTY lead the way!
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