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The roles board members play today.

The role of the board of directors has taken on a greater significance in recent years, as boards must now contend with increased scrutiny from regulators, TV analysts and social media tastemakers. That is why it is important to put the right mix of talent in the boardroom and to provide the kind of developmental support needed to navigate the increasingly complex business landscape.

BEATTY can assist in strengthening your board by improving team dynamics and building mutual trust through candid communication. Our efforts deliver far-reaching benefits for your company as well as your board members.

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Building a better board.

The most important role for any board of directors is to ensure the long-term success of an organization by maximizing shareholder value. Our board evaluation process is based upon a combination of surveys, interviews, and self-assessment identifying the strengths and improvement opportunities of each board member, as well as knowledge gaps within the board overall.

Typical areas of focus are: information flow, board priorities, meeting effectiveness and board leadership. We also look at the overall compatibility, complementary skill sets and ability of the board to work as a cohesive unit.

Representative corporate governance services:

Board Assessment
Chairman Evaluation
Peer Review
Team Development/Effectiveness

Optimize your leadership.

Providing your leaders with the insight and skills they need to unleash their potential is the first step toward moving your organization forward. Let BEATTY lead the way!
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