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Executive Assessment:
Unleashing Success through Strategic Talent Evaluation

When hiring or promoting an executive to the C-suite level, you owe it to yourself and your company to make the most informed decision possible. Subjective interviews are just that – subjective. With BEATTY, results from our executive assessment are statistically reliable and valid.

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What is Executive Assessment?

Executive assessment is a comprehensive evaluation process designed to assess the leadership capabilities, potential, and fit of high-level executives within an organization. It goes beyond traditional performance appraisals, focusing on predicting an executive’s ability to drive business growth, lead teams, and navigate complex challenges effectively.

BEATTY shines a light on hidden potential.

Did you know that The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) states that around 40% of executives hired from outside an organization fail within the first 18 months, while those promoted internally have a higher success rate due to their familiarity with the company’s culture and operations? Here at BEATTY, we use a multi-faceted approach, combining our in-depth behavioral interview with a comprehensive assessment battery that takes into account job-related personality characteristics, leadership-style and problem-solving ability. Our executive assessment is designed to shine a light on hidden potential – and reveal shortcomings – that could profoundly impact a candidate’s likelihood of success.

Sometimes, our executive assessment determines that the “obvious choice” is actually ill-suited for the promotion at hand but could be an idea candidate for another critical position within the company. Instead of being primed for failure, the individual becomes a critical asset to the company – a win/win.

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The Importance of Executive Assessment for Succession Planning

Identifying High-Potential Leaders: Executive assessment plays a crucial role in identifying and nurturing high-potential leaders who can successfully step into key executive roles. By objectively evaluating leadership skills, decision-making abilities, and strategic thinking, companies can pinpoint individuals with the potential to drive organizational success.

Reducing Succession Risks: Succession planning is vital for business continuity and minimizing the risks associated with leadership transitions. Executive assessment enables organizations to assess the readiness and capabilities of internal candidates, ensuring a seamless transfer of responsibilities and mitigating disruptions during crucial succession events.

Improving Performance and Engagement: By evaluating executives’ competencies, organizations can provide targeted developmental opportunities, executive coaching, and training programs. This investment in leadership development not only enhances individual performance but also fosters engagement and loyalty among high-potential executives, reducing turnover and increasing organizational stability.

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