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Selection. Verified.

When hiring or promoting an executive to the C-suite level, you owe it to yourself and your company to make the most informed decision possible. Subjective interviews are just that – subjective. With BEATTY, results are statistically reliable and valid.

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Shine a light on hidden potential.

We use a multi-faceted approach, combining our in-depth behavioral interview with a comprehensive assessment battery that takes into account job-related personality characteristics, leadership style and problem-solving ability. It is designed to shine a light on hidden potential – and reveal shortcomings – that could profoundly impact a candidate’s likelihood of success.

Sometimes our assessment determines that the “obvious choice” is actually ill-suited for the promotion at hand but could be an ideal candidate for another critical position within the company. Instead of being primed for failure, the individual becomes a critical asset to the company – a win/win.

Optimize your leadership.

Providing your leaders with the insight and skills they need to unleash their potential is the first step toward moving your organization forward. Let BEATTY lead the way!
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