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Jen Tiller, Ed.D.

Executive Director of Leadership Development & Learning Design


Dr. Jen Tiller is a dynamic leader with over two decades of experience in talent development, program design, and strategic planning. A charismatic and highly skilled facilitator and executive coach, she has made her career focus on growing the capacity of others.

Dr. Tiller has designed and delivered small- to large-scale leadership coaching/mentoring programs and facilitated countless learning experiences nationwide using a variety of engagement platforms. Areas of focus include leadership development; executive coaching; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and professional learning. She is recognized for her ability to identify, develop, and implement customized strategies to meet client’s diverse needs.

At BEATTY, Dr. Tiller serves as the Executive Director of Leadership Development and Learning Design, working alongside executives to enhance their individual capacity or grow the strength of their teams. Previously, in her role as Leadership Development Specialist for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Dr. Tiller supported the development of equity leadership competencies, as well as the design and delivery of learning experiences for statewide implementation. As Chief Academic Officer of Missouri’s largest educational service agency, she provided support for more than 60 school systems. During that time, she led board trainings, mission/vision development, and staff retreats, in addition to a variety of project management initiatives.

Dr. Tiller earned her doctoral degree from St. Louis University with a research focus on high quality professional learning.


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