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Destiny Schroeder, B.A.

Director of Business Development and Operations

Director of Business Development & Operations

Destiny Schroeder is a seasoned professional in business operations, boasting an impressive track record of over two decades across diverse sectors such as banking, education, insurance, and medical services. Demonstrating an exceptional blend of innovative thinking and structured approach, she has consistently prioritized delivering personalized, high-quality services to a wide array of clients.

As the Director of Business Development and Operations at BEATTY, Destiny is the heartbeat of ensuring each client’s experience is not just positive, but truly unforgettable. From methodically coordinating schedules to meticulously handling accounts and contracts, she leaves no stone unturned in executing her role with unparalleled precision. A pivotal figure within the team, Destiny has honed her skills in administering Executive Leadership Assessments and crafting workshops that resonate with clients on a profound level. Acting as the primary liaison for clients, she fosters deep, meaningful relationships with leaders, providing her with a unique insight into their growth and development journey.

Destiny’s commitment to excellence is underscored by her bachelor’s degree in human resource management from Lindenwood University, a testament to her unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional customer service and forging lasting client relationships.

Human Resource Management, B.A., Lindenwood University

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