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David Mersman

Leadership Consultant

Leadership Consulting and Development

David Mersman is recognized as a prominent figure in the field of strategic transformation and personal growth. His commitment to driving meaningful change is evident in his diligent use of research and data to facilitate transformation for leadership development. He aims to equip leaders with the knowledge needed to make impactful decisions while nurturing their personal development.

David’s expertise in leadership consulting and development spans various domains including C-Suite selection, performance optimization, and leadership development. His exceptional ability to interpret psychological assessments, create valuable resources, and implement effective 360 feedback programs distinguish him in the industry.

At BEATTY, David fosters enduring partnerships across diverse sectors, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each client’s specific requirements. Leveraging his strong statistical skills, he has a unique talent for converting complex data into actionable insights. Through his work, he leaves a lasting impact, guiding leaders to achieve exceptional success. David Mersman serves not just as a leadership consultant, but as a driving force for change and a trusted guide in personal and organizational growth.

M.A., Industrial Organizational Psychology, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
B.S., Psychology, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Board Member, St. Louis Organizational Development Network

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