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As good as you are, we can make you even better.

Through our developmental coaching, BEATTY equips executives to meet the challenges of their business roles. Our process is tailored specifically to your industry and the needs of your company. We also are intentional in partnering with representatives from your human resources and organization development functions.

Start optimizing C-Suite talent today.

Spark change with BEATTY

Optimize C-suite talent.

Developmental coaching with BEATTY provides a safe, caring environment in which to try out new behaviors, practice new skills and receive frank, constructive feedback. We start with the same comprehensive assessment battery that we use for selection assessment, which takes into account job-related personality characteristics, leadership style and problem-solving ability in conjunction with the in-depth behavioral interview.

In consultation with the executive and his or her manager, we develop a customized action strategy specifying measurable goals and realistic timelines.

Optimize your leadership.

Providing your leaders with the insight and skills they need to unleash their potential is the first step toward moving your organization forward. Let BEATTY lead the way!
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