Optimizing C-Suite Talent.

An enterprise’s ability to place the “right” leader at the top and the “right” team around the table is mission critical to its performance and sustainability.

Our approach to succession management helps fulfill your need for high – performing executives to support your business strategy.

Leveraging our deep insight into today’s enterprise complexities and the behavioral competencies required of effective leaders, BEATTY partners with you to design and implement effective succession plans and leadership transitions.

Our process includes alignment around future leadership requirements, best-in-class psychometric testing of candidates, “readiness” planning, executive development, and acclimation coaching for new leaders. We will help your C-Suite team build a strong team identity and cohesion around norms for effectively working together, aligning vision and strategy.

“She has provided very intimate professional coaching to senior executives within the same organization and the trust has never been broken.”
Executive SVP, Luxury Retailer

Succession Planning


Succession. Not If, When.

It is not a matter of “if” you will need to replace your leader, it is “when.” Having a succession plan in place is not just a good idea, it is the responsible thing to do.

BEATTY works with CEOs and boards to identify potential leaders within your company and initiates coaching that will prepare them for expanding roles and responsibilities.

Selection Assessment


Selection. Verified.

When hiring or promoting an executive to the C-Suite level, you owe it to yourself and your company to make the most informed decision possible. Subjective interviews are just that – subjective. With BEATTY, results are statistically reliable and valid.

We use a comprehensive assessment battery that takes into account job-related personality characteristics, leadership style, and problem – solving ability. It is designed to shine a light on hidden potential – and expose shortcomings – that could profoundly impact a candidate’s likelihood of success.

Sometimes our assessment determines that the “obvious choice” is actually ill – suited for the promotion at hand but could be an ideal candidate for another critical position within the company. Instead of being primed for failure, the individual becomes a critical asset to the company – a win/win.



Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts.

You have recruited top talent for your leadership team. But have you created an environment that allows team members to feed off of each other’s creativity and talents? BEATTY can teach your team how to work more synergistically.

It is important to remember that team building is essential if your goal is to grow and retain top talent. Teambuilding can also play a role in identifying and grooming leaders as part of CEO succession planning.

We begin by understanding your company’s business and culture as well as the roles of the different team members. Our Leadership Team Survey focuses on the team’s purpose, identity, talent, climate, generative thinking and self-regulation. Once the core strengths and key development opportunities of the team have been identified, BEATTY facilitates an off-site retreat engaging the team in candid dialogue around its current and desired state. The objective is to create a compelling team identity relative to mission and vision, as well as “rules of engagement” for working effectively together. The ultimate goal is to align the executive team with the organization’s business and strategic objectives.

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of the BEATTY teambuilding approach is that it not only strengthens the team unit but also enhances the performance of the individual executives.

Developmental Coaching

Developmental Coaching

As Good As You Are, We Can Make You Even Better.

Through our developmental coaching, BEATTY equips executives to meet the challenges of their business roles. Our process is tailored specifically to your industry and the needs of your company. We also are intentional in partnering with representatives from your human resources and organization development functions.

Developmental coaching with BEATTY provides a safe, caring environment in which to try out new behaviors, practice new skills and receive frank, constructive feedback. We start with the same comprehensive assessment battery that we use for selection assessment, which takes into account job-related personality characteristics, leadership style, and problem-solving ability.

In consultation with the executive and his/her manager, we develop a customized action strategy specifying measurable goals and realistic timelines.

Representative Process

  • Informational Meetings
  • 360 Survey Feedback
  • Executive Assessment
  • Verbal/Written Feedback to Executive
  • Boss/Direct Report Meeting
  • Follow-up Coaching