Optimizing. Leadership.


C-Suite Selection and Succession

We assist Boards in the selection of the right CEO and other members of the C-Suite team by bringing an experienced and objective voice to the decision-making process. Based on the business strategy, cultural norms and executive success attributes, we assess and analyze candidates to determine best fit.

C-Suite Transitions

As most CEO’s and other C-Suite executives moved into their new positions, most report feeling inadequately prepared for their strategic business challenges in addition to a fully understood cultural environment BEATTY partners with Board members and key incumbent senior leaders to help the new leader design a realistic onboarding plan with specific milestones of accountable outcomes.

C-Suite Coaching

As new leaders progress through the first eighteen to twenty-four months, BEATTY equips them to meet the challenges of their business roles. Our process is tailored specifically to the needs of the organization and in consultation with the leader, we develop a customized action strategy. Through our assessment, 360 ° survey process, developmental feedback and teambuilding activities, we help the new leader understand how they are coming across to others, gain insight to their own style, motivations and potential derailers. Periodic course corrections coupled with increasing self-awareness will promote impactful growth and sustainable change.