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Ted McKinney, Ph.D.

Senior Leadership Consultant

Dr. Ted McKinney offers decades of experience in both researching and implementing tenets of positive workplace culture, climate, and productivity. Specializing in psychological safety, logistics, and operations, he has used his research to guide leaders to invest in developing high-performing teams that produce positive, productive work environments.

At BEATTY, Dr. McKinney serves as a Senior Leadership Consultant working with executives and board members to develop initiatives that enable employees to perform their best, both interpersonally and in their daily work. Dr. McKinney’s ability to recognize patterns and interrelationships allows him to support clients in identifying areas in need of improvement and finding solutions to remedy them. His candid approach encourages supervisors to meet employees where they are and inspire them to achieve their goals.

Dr. McKinney earned his doctoral degree from Benedectine University in Lisle, Illinois with an emphasis on values-driven leadership.

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